121 Castle Dr Suite A
Madison, Alabama 35758


The Owner of B & B Cleaning

Woman Owned Commercial

Cleaning Company

B&B Cleaning is a woman owned business that was started in 1992 by Bonnie Adams with no money; only a mop, a broom, a vacuum cleaner and one customer!  B&B Cleaning was built on determination, hard work and above all, customer satisfaction.  We began with a belief and faith that God would provide, and he has!  As a result, B&B started out as a debt-free company and is still debt-free today.  We started out doing corporate apartments, residential homes and apartment turnovers.  Early in 1996, the commercial janitorial division was initiated and has experienced steady growth ever since, all because people still value quality cleaning above all.  Now B&B has dropped the apartments and residential side of it, and all we do is commercial cleaning now. 

We believe there are still businesses that value quality office cleaning and are not willing to simply settle.  We believe that there are still people that take pride in their company's appearance and will not accept second best or poor performance.  We believe corporations want more than just their trash taken out, but they desire their business to have a crisp, clean look. 

B&B Cleaning provides high quality cleaning at marketable rates that enhance customer experience by working closely with companies to give them exactly what they want in a timely and consistant manner.  Staying in constant contact with company leaders, supervisor checks, and quality inspections ensure that the job is done right, every time!